Objective X
is a film production
armed with bold spirit.

We love

People. Music. Art. Fashion.

Awesome Lighting & Texture.

Creative VFX. Intuitive Graphic & Typography.

Unexpected Interpretation & Unique Point of View.

/ What we do.

Work Flow

  1. Objective

    Accurately comprehend the client's goal of the project.
  2. Communication
    for Creative

    Planning the most effective creative solutions
    to achieve the campaign's objective
    by simultaneous communication with the client
    and offer a various production proposals
  3. Production /
    Post Production

    Based on partnerships with professional specialists,
    we deliver the best results by forming
    the most optimal team for each project.

with a compulsion to create.

  1. Director
    Jinho Lee
  2. Assistant Director
    Jay Kim
  3. Assistant Director
    Hyunjun Jang
  4. Department Manager
    Eunsook Chae